Woodlands Sunny

Woodlands Sunny "Sunny"
Darling, chestnut, 9 year old, 13.2 hand (w/perm card), Welsh cross, reg VPBA mare.
Go to pony finals and win in the greens this year! 
Jumping Jenny

Jumping Jenny “Jenny” 
Jenny is wonderful medium pony looking for another kid to share her time with. She can do Short Stirrup or the Pony hunter at local shows. She just came home from VHSA finals with great ribbons in the short stirrup with her owner. 
Offering for a Half On Site Lease ONLY. Must stay and be in a program at Rose Mount.
In Disguise

In Disguise "Cooper" is THE perfect gentlemen!
17 year old, 16.3 TB. Perfect 2’6 packer that requires zero prep! Good mover with easy changes. Has taken his current rider from 2' to the 2'6" pre children's.